The current craze sweeping through the world at the moment is a wave with strong behavioral influence on the young generation especially. Its nascence can be traced to African origin, some of which were inspired by fellow Nigerians. How fast these activities spread is the inestimable work of social media and the internet in general.


The world these days is more compact thanks to the World Wide Web and the ever curious young generation that is seeking every avenue to have fun and have a drink of the youthful cup. while some are creating trends, many others are keen on partaking and sharing them for the pleasure they bring. Below is a quick look at some of the trends that have rocked the internet recently.


This first one started with a challenge sometime in July, and instagram was crowded with several short dance clips in a bid to adorn the epic beat by young Jon in which due justice was done to by Badoo himself, Olamide. “Wo” did not waste time in hitting the million mark view on YouTube as it received so much love both at home and abroad. As a matter of fact, the song has become for many a chief contender for both song, and street-hop of the year awards. Though it was banned by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) for having vulgar content and for violating the Tobacco Control Act of 2015, the lyrics and dance moves have stuck to the minds of his fans. So whenever you hear, “won ba e wi nibi”, your response should undoubtedly be “wo”.


The next one is a very good example of “blowing” through VV (viral video). Viral videos have proven to be an effective means of achieving quick fame as it can guarantee a very wide reach within a short period. What comes to your mind when you hear the name, “Big Shaq”? Exactly what I was thinking –and the beat goes… Little was known about this wonder man until a video of his freestyle studio session went viral and brought him to limelight. The UK based comedian, Michael Dapaah who is an entertainer with invisible beards and white teeth (as claimed on his twitter account) has been enjoying the result of his experiment as can be seen on the large attention his hit has brought him, resulting in his presence at events and popularity as a meme figure. So what’s that thing you intend doing but feel it’s not perfect yet? Why not give it a trial as you never can tell if the desired result will be produced by your imperfections.


Lastly, have you ever heard a song with a beat so strong that it comes with its own energy and drives you to mumu yourself? Well, that is what one corner (wankwana) does. Whenever the song is played, people dash off to a corner taking different positions and assuming different postures to properly misbehave. The fast beat party song by Patapaa Amisty featuring upcoming acts, Ras Cann and Mr Loyalty that is currently driving the streets of Ghana mad is a blend of French and Ghanaian language that has the tendency to bring out the animal in you. Thanks to the internet, this craze has spread to places outside Ghana, and as people share and appreciate diverse cultures, they also accept and share international craze patterns. The internet is filled with a lot of videos showing people’s version of their craze dance. I am not sure you would find a sane dance cover to this song at the moment.


These days, being serious and making too much sense has become boring. The new fun is –no sense!


As kids, our teachers made us understand that our generation is the Jet Age where more mind blowing discoveries would be made at high speed. Growing up, we also learned at some point about transition to the internet age where the world is more compact and globalization is more appreciated. Sigh, I do not know if we are still in that age or if we have mistakenly strolled into the Craze Age where we use Jet Age technology to spread new school madness.


Jahfaith Irokanulo.


Do you know of other trending craze? Feel free to share in the comment box below. Thanks for taking time to read this article, kindly like, share and leave your comments.


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