New School Craze

The current craze sweeping through the world at the moment is a wave with strong behavioral influence on the young generation especially. Its nascence can be traced to African origin, some of which were inspired by fellow Nigerians. How fast these activities spread is the inestimable work of social media and the internet in general. … Continue reading New School Craze


Prolific ASUU Strikes Again

The current strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) which commenced on Monday, August 14, 2017, came as a news that saddened many Nigerian students, especially those preparing for their final exams. The news may not be much of a surprise to many Nigerians as strike actions over the years have become an obvious … Continue reading Prolific ASUU Strikes Again

The Street

The street is not just a place that connects roads and buildings. As kids, it was where our parents filled on forms that requested our address. It was a name we had in our memories so we don’t lose track of home. It accommodates our homes, schools, churches, mosques, markets, and playground. We grew to … Continue reading The Street